Technology Changes Impacting Property Management

COVID has brought about unprecedented challenges. However, some changes have had far-reaching benefits to property managers, landlords and prospective tenants.

Here we share some technology changes that we have implemented in property management. 

Zoom Meetings

With physical restrictions and lockdowns, most people have gotten used to using Zoom calls to connect with colleagues, family, and friends.

Zoom calls allow you to stay in touch, see people and be connected. It is a great tool for work/life balance, which is why we find it beneficial for rental inspections.

We do this one-on-one with the prospective tenant, so they can ask questions and see areas they are particularly interested in.

The prospective tenant jumps onto the call, and we show them around the property – walking them into each room, opening cupboards and looking under furniture. 

Not only does this ensure social distancing, but it also means the prospective tenant can see several properties within a short period of time without leaving home.

Virtual Walk-throughs

Virtual walk-throughs are becoming popular for showing many people the features of properties without needing to be physically present.

There are two categories of virtual reality that are useful for property management:

  1. Semi-immersive virtual reality. This type of virtual reality allows prospective tenants to be partially in a virtual environment. We create the environment with high-resolution 2D photos, 3D photos and videos. These are compiled together to create an environment that the prospective tenant can move around in. The prospective tenant can view the details via a computer or phone. 
  • Fully immersive virtual reality. This is the most realistic simulation experience, complete with sight and sound. The virtual environment is created from high-resolution models, images and videos combined to create a new reality. The prospective tenant wears Virtual Reality glasses or a head-mounted display to move through the space. The fully immersive technology allows people to walk into a room, switch on lights, turn on water taps or open blinds. It is like physically being in the property.

Drone Inspections

Although we have experienced restrictions and lockdowns, builders are still able to work. Unfortunately, we cannot always visit a construction site during these times, in which case we rely on drone technology.

Drone imagery is particularly useful for inspecting HMO conversions during construction and just prior to completion; without physically being present. In some cases, we have found that the drones’ images are better than being at the property, especially when we are inspecting loft conversions.

At REKA Property Management, we offer our clients a full property management service with exceptionally low fees. We can do this because we are a web-based agency and have fewer management layers and less overhead costs. 

And we don’t charge any agency fees or contract renewal fees for tenants to attract high-quality tenants for our clients.

If you want to know how to achieve solid rental returns and have peace of mind with your property, then call us on +44 (0) 203 286 6468 or email us at


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