How to Reduce the Pressure of Lockdown

Covid-19 is disrupting everything. Work. Home. School. Social. Health. 

For many of us, this means chartering unknown waters as we continue to work from home and help our children with home-schooling. 

In fact, working from home during lockdown has magnified the stress, frustration, and anxiety women experience.

With schools closed, no restaurants and some professional cleaners no longer working, women take over more of the chores at home. This includes home-schooling, cooking, cleaning, and providing after school care. 

What’s more, with no hairdressers or personal beauty salons for waxing and nails, women are feeling tired, stressed and have an extremely limited “me-time.” 

The result? 

Some women feel like they are losing control and impacting their sense of self, business and self-confidence.

If this is you, then there is hope.

Even though lockdown measures are likely to be in place for a while, you can use the time to reinvent, re-energise and redefine your business and yourself.

Tips to Reduce Lockdown Pressure

  1. Reinvent Your Image 

Wear something that makes you feel good and positive – choose a colour, style, or accessories.

In addition, consider polishing your image by focusing on grooming, hair, and makeup. 

  • Take Time Out For You 

If you don’t have supportive habits, now is the time to do something for yourself. 

Start small by doing one thing each day… 

  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Stretch
  • eat good food
  • exercise, and 
  • sleep eight hours
  • Don’t Do It All Yourself 

In this time of awareness, it’s useful to know when to delegate, especially when it comes to your business. 

Although you may be used to doing it all yourself, now is the perfect time to find an agent to manage your investment properties.

Delegating your property management will empower you and keep you focused on achieving your financial goals during these uncertain times. 

At REKA Property Management, we give our clients peace of mind. To find out more call us on +44 (0) 203 286 6468 or email us at


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