How To Help Our Frontline Workers

In addition, the NHS is running a recruiting campaign to encourage more overseas nurses to come to the UK to help during this COVID pandemic. 

This means there are thousands of key workers that may need somewhere to rent. 

At Reka Property Management, we offer discounts to key workers. This includes reduced rent, discounted property management fees, and savings on HMO related projects.

It is our way of saying thank you and offering support to our key workers. 

As landlords, you are in a unique position to help and support our frontline workers, while ensuring you receive rent. 

The property market is quiet in some HMO areas due to COVID restrictions, lifestyle changes and loss of work. This has resulted in an increase in vacant HMO rooms.

If you are struggling to fill your rooms during the pandemic, then we recommend the following:

1. Offer Discounted Rent

One way to show appreciation for frontline workers while filling your property is to offer discounted rent for your HMO rooms. 

This not only helps the key workers, but it makes your property more attractive for them to rent, compared to other properties.

Providing discounted rent can have a reciprocal impact with your tenants being more likely to take extra care of your property.

2. Contact Local Hospitals

To find local, regional, or overseas frontline workers that may need to rent, we recommend contacting your local hospital.

The administration department can take your details and pass your information to their staff.

3. Contact Recruitment Agents

With the push from NHS to recruit overseas nurses, we recommend contacting recruitment agents.

These agencies can pass on your details to new arrivals before they enter the UK, so they can be prepared and know where they will be staying.

4. Short-term Rentals

You may want to consider short-term rentals to help regional and overseas arrivals have a place to stay before they find something more permanent.

Of course, you will need to check your HMO licence to see if short-term rental is allowed.

5. Provide Extras for Your Frontline Tenants

Consider offering incentives that will attract key workers, such as the following:

  • Include garden maintenance (if your property has a garden)
  • Include weekly cleaning of communal areas
  • Provide fast Wi-Fi
  • Have all bills included 
  • Modernise the property with fresh neutral coloured paint, updated bathroom(s) and installing practical storage spaces.

If you need help renting your HMO property, then call us for a confidential, no-obligation conversation.

At REKA Property Management, we give our clients the facts about the property industry. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience, so you can help support our frontline workers.

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