Benefits of Giving Your Property to Help with Social Housing

If you have a property, then you probably know that long-term renting is a reality for many Londoners due to the high cost of home ownership.

But if you’ve struggled to find quality tenants or reduce your rental vacancies, then maybe letting your property to help social housing is a solution.

As landlords ourselves, we want to help ease the housing crisis in London. It’s our vision to provide ingenious, innovative housing solutions, while helping our clients. 

That’s why we’re an authorised supplier of properties to local authorities in London, as well as members of the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme and members of the Property Redress Scheme.

Our goal is to provide homes to local authorities within the London boroughs to help families in need.

Introducing the Reka Property Home Finder Scheme

The REKA Property Home Finder Scheme is a program that helps landlords to immediately let out their properties to good tenants while providing quality accommodation for Local Housing.

We give landlords the opportunity to rent their properties immediately through local authorities in London and receive London housing rates. In some cases, 

landlords will receive a top-up on the housing rate.

In addition, the rent can be guaranteed in some cases, so there is no cash flow loss if there is a vacancy.

The benefits of the REKA Property Home Finder Scheme

Your property will be let within one week for a solid two-year assured tenancy period, subject to your property satisfying the local authority requirements. 

You’ll receive a fast-tracked housing benefit within days of inspecting your property and, on top of this, you will receive a cash incentive up to £1000.

What’s more, we give landlords the following benefits:

  • Access to a Housing Benefit Liaison Officer who can answer queries throughout the tenancy
  • Direct housing benefit payment to you, the landlord, not to the tenants
  • A dedicated property management team to deal with any day-to-day tenant issues
  • A full maintenance and repair service can be provided
  • Property inspections to ensure your property complies with the regulations 
  • Provide access to our trusted contractors to do any necessary work to comply with the local authority
  • Give professional advice to help you complete your property license if required by your local authority
  • Prompt electronic monthly payment of your rent
  • Maximum Local Housing Allowance (LHA) plus top-up from tenants in most cases
  • Assessment of tenant suitability for private renting
  • A Lettings Officer to help you complete the housing benefit application form, to ensure smooth and fast payments.

In some cases, a rent guarantee can be provided by the local authority. 

To ensure that your property is looked and respected after, all Home Finder tenants are provided with tenancy training and tenancy sustainment support.

The type of properties we are looking for today

We are currently looking for the following types of properties:

  • Studio
  • One bedroom
  • Two bedrooms
  • Three bedrooms
  • Four bedrooms +

We are offering this service to support landlords, like you, so that together we can make a difference to the housing crisis.

Next Steps?

If have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Either call us on +44 (0) 203 286 6468 or email us at

Douglas Fokuo

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